2 Seasons

Best friends Sam (Julie Goldman) and Alex (Brandy Howard) seem to have found the perfect apartment, but there’s a catch - they have to convince everyone they’re a couple to keep it.

  • Roomies S1: Ep 1

    Episode 1

    In Episode #1 of ROOMIES, old friends Sam and Alex reconnect, only to find out that they're in the same situation: dumped and without a home. The obvious solution: move in together. For better or for worse.

  • Roomies S1: Ep 2

    Episode 2

    Sam and Alex go apartment hunting, but it doesn’t go quite as planned after they hurt their apartment finder’s feelings.

  • Roomies: S1 Ep 3

    Episode 3

    Sam and Alex try to keep up the ruse as they meet their new nemesis and building warden: Sue Fox.

  • Roomies: S1 Ep 4

    Episode 4

    Alex starts to crack under the pressure of pretending to be a couple. Sam decides the truth is the only thing that can save their friendship - that, and a shower for Alex.

  • Roomies: S1 Episode 5

    Episode 5

    In the season finale, Sam and Alex's apartment charade is on the brink of ruin when Sam comes face to face with the woman who broke her heart. At the end of the night, what will these roomies have - and where will they live?