I Hate Tommy Finch

I Hate Tommy Finch

5 Episodes

A one-act, two-women, all-queer play about two friends who find themselves together again and again, and their roller coaster friendship (and romance) from ages 8 to 35. They navigate not only run-of-the-mill coming-of age-issues (changing bodies, bullies, parent problems, losing their virginity, etc.) but questions about their own (and each other’s) sexuality. Sexy, sassy, and sophisticated, I Hate Tommy Finch is sort of like the John Hughes movie every lesbian wished for…and then some.

I Hate Tommy Finch
  • I Hate Tommy Finch: Ages 8 & 12

    Age 8, 1983, Principal's Office Stephanie & Alyssa talk for the first time. Topics discussed: the magical properties of ginger ale & crackers; Alyssa's Uncle Jeff's advice for handling 'inappropriate' boys; Tommy Finch's jerkiness; and important 8-yr-old life plans.

    Age 12, 1987, Gym Class It...

  • I Hate Tommy Finch: Ages 21 & 23

    Age 21, 1996, Spring Break Stephanie visits Alyssa in the big city. Topics discussed: fire blowing; bad dancing; good dancing; big feet; and sleeping with professors (or not).

    Age 23, 1998, Bachelorette Party Alyssa crashes Stephanie's bachelorette party. Topics discussed: penis veils; newspa...

  • I Hate Tommy Finch: Ages 30 & 33 (+ Interlude)

    Age 30, 2005, Emergency Room When Alyssa's life is falling apart, Stephanie shows up with a juice box and a lollipop to make everything better. Topics discussed: cold hands; trail mix (sort of); nose jobs; and new beginnings.

    Interlude: Everything that Stephanie and Alyssa have been through, ...

  • I Hate Tommy Finch: Ages 15 & 18

    Episode 2

    Age 15, 1990, Slumber Party Stephanie & Alyssa are sleeping over at Janet's house (she snores, btw), and Alyssa has a surprise for Stephanie. Topics discussed: Madonna; what your mother never told you about breastfeeding; why Alyssa was never invited back to Stephanie's house; more advice from Un...

  • I Hate Tommy Finch: Ages 25 & 28

    Episode 4

    Age 25, 2000, Hospital Waiting Room Stephanie shows up to give Alyssa some support during a tough moment and gets more than she's prepared for. Topics discussed: family emergencies; what real commitment looks like; the things best friends discuss...and the things they don't.

    Age 28, 2003, Ste...