• I Kissed a Girl

    1 season

    For lesbians, kissing a girl for the first time is a mind-blowing, life-changing big deal. Filmmaker Jen Sheridan captures the tales of lesbians of all ages recalling the magical moment of the first time they kissed a girl in this charming documentary series. Bonus: lots of cute Southern accents!

  • Croc-a-Dyke Dundee: The Legend of Dawn O'Donnell


    A documentary about the woman who opened some of the first gay and lesbian bars in Sydney, Australia in the fifties.



    In a generation built on texts, tweets, memes, and irony, what has become of the weight of our words? In what way does communication serve as a form of self-expression, an self-expression a form of communication?

  • Game Face

    Exploring the coming-out journeys of LGBTQ athletes: telling the parallel stories of Fallon Fox, the first female transgender pro MMA fighter; and Terrence Clemens, a college basketball player in Oklahoma who happens to be gay.

  • Little Miss Westie

    Little Miss Westie chronicles a year in the life of two transgender siblings as they navigate puberty, a local beauty pageant, and transitioning in the Trump era.

  • Kumu Hina

    Kumu Hina is a powerful feature documentary about the struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture and values within the Westernized society of modern day Hawaiʻi. It is told through the lens of an extraordinary Native Hawaiian who is both a proud and confident māhū, or transgender woman, and an...

  • The Right Girls

    On a quest to find acceptance and happiness, three transgender women decide to join the migrant caravan.

  • Between the Shades

    Fifty conversations exploring the many different shades of being gay in America. This conversation focuses on the degrees and varying perceptions about how people define themselves, their lives, struggles and triumphs.

  • Discovering: Stars of the Silver Screen

    1 season

    This series focuses on three amazing women in the film industry. Discover each woman and her impact on society