I Kissed a Girl

I Kissed a Girl

4 Episodes

For lesbians, kissing a girl for the first time is a mind-blowing, life-changing big deal. Filmmaker Jen Sheridan captures the tales of lesbians of all ages recalling the magical moment of the first time they kissed a girl in this charming documentary series. Bonus: lots of cute Southern accents!

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I Kissed a Girl
  • I Kissed a Girl Ep1

    In the series premiere, documentarian Jennifer Sheridan asked these Southern gals about the kisses the sealed the deal on their sexuality. This episode, one wasn't expecting it, one did it in the great outdoors, one waited until the party was over to take her shot at it, one was at a bar with fri...

  • I Kissed a Girl: Ep2

    Episode 2

    In this episode, one got kicked out of school for doing it, one thought a whole new world opened up when she did it, one did it with the preacher's daughter, one did it at a dance party in San Francisco, one did it secretly for three years and now does it openly every chance she gets, and one see...

  • I Kissed a Girl Ep3

    Episode 3

    In this episode, one made a big small-town night of it, one waited until college to do it for the first time -- with anyone, one had confidence about how she felt after she did it, one felt it from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, one thought everything made sense when she did it, one...

  • I Kissed a Girl Ep4

    Episode 4

    In the season finale, one did it, then broke up with her boyfriend. one did it experimenting at a sleepover, one did it with a beautiful girl from Spain, one wanted it, but her religion told her she couldn't have it. (Spoiler: she did it anyway.) And one did it in the mountains. And then some.