2 Seasons

After a disastrous and public divorce, Siobhan (Maeve Quinlan) is finally on the path to serenity and calm...until her best friend, the well-meaning Roxie (Cathy Shim), moves her new girlfriend, Andrea (Jill Bennett), into the house.

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  • All About Siobhan

    Episode 1

    In this extra 3Way tidbit, find out from Siobhan, Roxie, and Andrea about what makes Siobhan tick.

  • This One's For the Ladies

    Episode 2

    In this extra 3Way tidbit, find out about Geri, her steamy past with Roxie, and what Roxie's girlfriend Andrea really thinks about her.

  • Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Vaginas

    Episode 3

    In this 3Way tidbit, the 3Way girls confess on their workplace secrets and shame: soap opera comas and demon possessions, the zen of vagina meditation, and uniforms - the ultimate chick magnet.

  • 12 Drink Minimum

    Episode 4

    In this 3Way tidbit, the ladies ponder Roxie's drinking habits and their effect on her relationships, career, and overall entertainment value.

  • What's that Smell?

    Episode 5

    In this 3Way tidbit, learn a little more about Roxie's live-in girlfriend Andrea and how she's getting along with new roomie Siobhan.

  • Will You Be My Valentine, Please??!

    Episode 6

    In this 3Way extra, the ladies react to Geri's gifts of Valentine's Day flowers to each of them. And as usual, Geri is flummoxed by their reactions, and everyone has strong feelings about zoos.

  • What She Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Her

    Episode 7

    In this 3Way extra, nothing is sacred when Geri becomes that gate-keeper of everyone's secrets.

  • Dreamgrrlz

    Episode 8

    In this 3Way extra, the girls share their unique and disturbing secrets and dreams with us.

  • Chronicles of Dykia

    Episode 9

    In this 3Way extra, the girls debate the merits of the word dyke, being a gold star, and losing their virginity.

  • Cooking with Geri

    Episode 10

    In this 3Way extra, the girls debate the merits of the word “dyke,” being a “gold star,” and losing their virginity.

  • House Doodies

    Episode 11

    In this 3Way extra, Geri proves her worth in the house and Roxie goes to bat for her. Could there be a drawer of her own in Geri’s future?

  • Free Ride

    Episode 12

    In this 3Way extra, the girls reveal the one person they’d like to have sex with. And the best sex they’ve ever had.

  • Puppet Talk

    Episode 13

    In this 3Way extra, Roxie engages the roommates in some healing therapy using puppets. “Healing” is up for interpretation.

  • Tanks for the Memories!

    Episode 14

    In this 3Way extra, we learn secrets about Siobhan that were probably better left unsaid.

  • Keep That Tight Down

    Episode 15

    In this 3Way extra, the girls discuss the positives and negatives of their mothers and of being mothers.