3 Way the Series

3 Way the Series

2 Seasons

After a disastrous and public divorce, Siobhan (Maeve Quinlan) is finally on the path to serenity and calm...until her best friend, the well-meaning Roxie (Cathy Shim), moves her new girlfriend, Andrea (Jill Bennett), into the house.

3 Way the Series
  • 3 Way: Gaymes Part 1

    Just as Siobhan tries to settles in for her "journey of serenity and calm," her best friend and new roomie Roxie shakes things up by moving her new girlfriend Andrea into Siobhan's sweet pad and never asking her ex Geri (Maile Flanagan) to leave. Included: a hot tub nookie, sex confessions, and n...

  • 3 Way: Gaymes Part 2

    Episode 2

    The gang helps Siobhan regain some peace of mind (and the ashes of her dearly departed dog Mojo) by breaking into her ex's house. And there's tennis, ancient Asian sword fighting, and making out involved. Naturally.

  • 3 Way: Fatal Distraction, Pt 1

    This episode, it's all about the exes. Geri enlists the help of her friends to deal with her crazy ex (Kristy Swanson), while Roxie gets jealous of Andrea's (Elizabeth Keener.)

  • 3 Way: Fatal Distraction, Pt 2

    Episode 5

    Geri's stalking by her ex takes a nasty turn, Siobhan defends Roxie against Andrea's overstepping ex , and we finally get that girl-girl-girl-girl sleepover we've all been waiting for.

  • 3 Way: Siobhan Sizzles

    After a minor on-the-job accident, Siobhan gets a gift that turns the heat up in the house. Guest starring Reno 911!'s Robert Ben Garant.

  • 3 Way: Rhonda Rapid Delivery

    The gals get all worked up over some special deliveries from hot guest star Bridget McManus. Bonus: LadyCops sighting = guest appearance by NIKKI & NORA's Christina Cox & Liz Vassey.

  • 3 Way: What's for Dinner?

    When the girls can agree on the answer for the never-ending question What’s for Dinner? Roxy steps in and spices things up.

  • 3 Way: The Ladycop

    Episode 9

    Roxie, Geri & Andrea help Siobhan prepare for an audition. Find out who's amazing at sound effects, who's concerned about authenticity, and who Siobhan has surprisingly amazing chemistry with. And we couldn't have a show about Ladycops without a cameo from the originals - Nikki & Nora (Liz Vassey...

  • 3 Way: Friday Night Dykes

    In this star-studded episode, pick-up lines, Exes, and 'Next-es' collide when Roxy, Andrea, and Geri hit a new girl bar and bring Siobhan along as bait.

  • 3 Way: The Dinah Monologues

    In the Series Finale, the girls head to Palm Springs for Dinah. Andrea lays down the rules for fun and frolic, but in the end, someone's heart is broken.

    In the series finale, the girls head to Palm Springs for Dinah. Andrea lays down the rules for fun and frolic, but in the end, someone's hea...

  • 3 Way: Psychodrama

    Siobhan seeks out professional help to help get through her divorce drama...and meets a psychotherapist (Cathy DeBuono) who might need more help than she does.