Tempa Kill

Tempa Kill

5 Episodes

Two women: one an assassin, one in pest control. They meet, fall in love, and take down the notorious mafia lumber king. Sex, bugs, and pest control: Tempa Kill! On telefilms.com October 29!

Tempa Kill season one is about Julia, an assassin, who ends up falling for Dori, a woman in pest control. Julia must kill George Kaplan, the King of all things lumber, or else the agency will be terminated. Doris nemesis, Jeff, a man who kills mice, will do anything to stop Dori from succeeding in the pest control world. Julia helps Dori get back at Jeff by planting show rats from Vegas who are too clever for even him. Dori and Julia come together to get rid of Kaplan with the help of Judi, the head of the agency and Eva, Julias best friend, who is also an assassin.

Tempa Kill
  • Tempa Kill: Ep 2

    Julia brings Dori to Judi’s house to meet Judi and Eva. Dori is unaware of her new position as a decoy and confronts her nemesis.

  • Tempa Kill: Ep 3

    Dori and Julia acknowledge their mutual feelings for each other and are about to have a romantic night in when Julia gets a call from Judi. Julia reveals her true profession to Dori, while Judie has a business proposition.

  • Tempa Kill: Ep 4

    Julia gets show rats from her zombie impersonator friend. Kaplan calls Dori for a job just as Julia and her organization show up at his house.

  • Tempa Kill: Ep 5

    In the season finale, Dori plants the mice at her house as she helps out on the job.

  • Tempa Kill: Ep1

    Episode 1

    Dori meets Julia sitting outside of a hardware store with an “actress looking for work sign”; and she hires Julia to act in commercials promoting her pest control business, all while Julia tries to evade revealing her identity.