Lip Service

Lip Service

2 Seasons

Gay photographer Frankie Alan returns to her native Glasgow after a two year absence to be met by straight best friend Jay. Carol, the aunt who brought her up on her parents' deaths, has died and Frankie is intrigued by a message Carol left on her answer phone before her death. Frankie's former lover Cat, whom she dumped, goes on a date with policewoman Sam, who leaves halfway through supposedly for work but Cat wonders if it is not because of her talk of Frankie. Frankie and Cat reconcile to attend Carol's funeral, though Frankie's uncle Cameron is hostile. Would-be actress Tess Roberts, Cat's flatmate, having caught her girlfriend Chloe cheating, embarks upon an affair with outwardly heterosexual TV presenter Lou.

Lip Service
  • Lip Service S1: Ep1

    Frankie returns to her native Glasgow after two years away to investigate a mysterious message from the dying aunt who raised her. Cat goes on a date with policewoman Sam, but her heart isn’t entirely in it. Tess catches her girlfriend cheating and embarks upon an affair with outwardly heterosex...

  • Lip Service S1: Ep 2

    Lou gets Tess a job on her show but asks her to keep their relationship a secret. Frankie gets into an argument at Carol’s funeral, leading her deeper into the investigation into that final message.

  • Lip Service S1: Ep 3

    Cat and Sam are enjoying a honeymoon period, but cracks begin to show as Frankie's presence becomes an issue. Jay tries to prove he isn’t too old to be the office intern. Tess gets more than she bargained for when she turns up at Lou's flat unannounced. Frankie has a revelation that throws her en...

  • Lip Service S1: Ep 4

    Episode 4

    Frankie goes deeper into searching for the truth about her past. Tess tries internet dating. Frankie and Jay make a big mistake.

  • Lip Service S1: Ep 5

    Cat and Frankie reminisce as they visit their old school. It's Tess's birthday, but the party does not quite go as planned.

  • Lip Service S1: Ep 6

    In the Season 1 finale, Tess gets stuck in a lift with Jay on the day of a big audition. Sam and Frankie have a confrontation.