Unicorn Plan-It

Unicorn Plan-It

2 Seasons

UNICORN PLAN-IT is an indie webseries about planning things...

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Unicorn Plan-It
  • Unicorn Plan-It S1: Ep1

    Episode 1

    VaGchatJ, the lady boss, lets the team know that Unicorn Plan It landed a big client...Harmony's friend from college, Bambi. With, Bambi and Casey's wedding only a month away, the team makes a plan to divide and concur, while Miguel is off to find a Unicorn.

  • Unicorn Plan-It S1: Ep2

    Episode 2

    While the team is playing around at the office, J and Harmony have a meeting with Bambi. At the meeting, Harmony and Bambi get reacquainted and the team gets brought down from their high with the some shocking news. They will have get their shit together in order to present all the w...

  • Unicorn Plan-It S1: Ep3

    Episode 3

    A Single Ceremony
    Keesha and Vic decide to go to Happy Hour in order to finish the wedding plans in time. While drowning their sorrows, they met Megan, the bartender who wants a single ceremony that Vic helps her out with. The next day, the team finally meeting Bambi's blushing bride, who turns o...

  • Unicorn Plan-It S1: Ep4

    Episode 4

    Bambi and Harmony get a little too close during a session in Harmony's MobileOM. Bambi starts to question her engagement to Casey and in a shocking turn of events blurts out to everyone, including J, that she has feeling for Harmony...OH SHIT!!

  • Unicorn Plan-It S1: Ep5

    Episode 5

    Hunting Bambi
    After Bambi's bombshell explosion, the team is on a new mission..find Bambi and make sure the wedding is still on. Keesha and Vic search all day, and finally find Bambi, who invites them to a dinner party. When the two show up to Bambi's house, Casey is nowhere to be found and thing...

  • Unicorn Plan-It S1: Ep6

    Episode 6

    Maybe Not Yet
    In the shocking season finale, apparently Kesha and Vic work their magic because after a wild night with Bambi, the wedding is still on. But it not that easy..in a queer twist of fate, Bambi realizes that she isn't going to settle with a man and there will not be a wedding just yet....