The Chanticleer

The Chanticleer

6 Episodes

When Edie Chaucer inherits the family bar, she returns to her upstate New York home, determined to make the place her own. Will shady business operations and questionable clientele throw a wrench in her plan?

The Chanticleer
  • The Chanticleer 101

    Episode 1

    After her father’s death, Edie returns home to inherit the family bar. However, she faces difficulty upon hearing about the bar’s shadier dealings.

  • The Chanticleer 102

    Episode 2

    Edie confronts a crooked cop and considers hiring a new bartender, but will Irene’s friend Val fit the bill?

  • The Chanticleer 105

    Val goes to the bonfire party, but the event does not go as planned. Val and Edie share a moment.

  • The Chanticleer 106

    Episode 6

    In the season one finale, Val’s evening goes south. Can it improve? Maybe . . . or maybe not.

  • The Chanticleer 103

    Episode 3

    Manson reminds Edie of her father’s generosity in hopes of her reconsidering Val.

  • The Chanticleer 104

    Episode 4

    Things heat up for Val as she learns of Edie’s past and attends an upscale lesbian house party.