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Body Milk

Short Films • 8m 41s

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    “The little things people love about you in the beginning, somehow end up being the things they hate you for in the end,” is one of the dialogues one girl says to another in this story that follows their meeting and tour of a city.

  • EVE (English Subtitles)

    Your wedding is meant to be the best day of your life, but what if you come out as gay soon as you’ve tied the knot to your boyfriend? Eve already felt like an outsider with her husband’s family, as a mixed heritage female from a modest background. Now her complete alienation is set as she finall...

  • What Does It Feel Like to Fall In Love

    We are so used to expecting the bad, that we don’t fully enjoy it. This short film shows that this is not always the case, that not everything goes wrong. It’s natural to be a little afraid, but if we never go for it openly and with hope, we will never have that chance for something good.