Secs & EXECS

Secs & EXECS

6 Episodes

This Emmy-nominated workplace comedy follows the parallel lives of executives and their secretaries over the course of one day.

Secs & EXECS
  • Secs & EXECS 101

    Execs: Leslie returns to work and is insistent that she not be treated like a mommy but the badass business person she is.
    Secs: Unfortunately, they are getting ready to welcome Leslie back with a "welcome back mommy" party.

  • Secs & EXECS 103

    Execs: A staff meeting gets embarrassing for Leslie.
    Secs: The hot IT guy makes his presence known in the office.

  • Secs & EXECS 104

    Both groups head off to lunch.
    Execs: Leslie stresses about the board meeting mishap.
    Secs: Heidi wants to figure out how to move up the corporate ladder.

  • Secs & EXECS 106

    End of the day for both groups.

  • Secs & EXECS 102

    Episode 2

    The Execs find out that Paige use to be Leslie's assistant as Leslie still wants to fire all of her staff.
    Secs: Heidi prepares to interview for an open spot in Leslie's office and Val stresses over the possibility of being canned.

  • Secs & EXECS 105

    Episode 5

    Execs: Val and Leslie come to an understanding.
    Secs: The hot IT guy returns.