Riley Parra

Riley Parra

2 Seasons

Based upon Geonn Cannon’s popular book series, Detective Riley Parra grew up in the crime-ridden, oft-forgotten No Man’s Land. What seems like a routine homicide case, however, leads her to realize that angels and demons are real, and she is the champion for good in the fight of good versus evil.

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Riley Parra
  • Riley Parra Season 1 Trailer

    Episode 1

    A detective struggling to do the right thing in a corrupt department discovers a war between angels and demons is being waged in her city and shes the only chance the Good side has of winning.

  • Riley Parra Season 1 Ep 1

    Episode 2

    Called in for a homicide case, Riley meets new medical examiner Dr. Hunt, who finds something strange about the body . . .

  • Riley Parra Season 1 Ep 2

    Episode 3

    Riley tells Kara about her experience with the victim. A stranger delivers Riley news about her past, present and potential future.

  • Riley Parra Season 1 Ep 3

    Episode 4

    Riley and Lt. Hathaway clash. Kara makes a deal with unforeseen consequences.

  • Riley Parra Season 1 Ep 4

    Episode 5

    Riley searches for answers and meets up with an old friend.

  • Riley Parra Season 1 Ep 5

    Episode 6

    Entering the demons’ lair, Riley comes face to face with their leader Marchosias.

  • Riley Parra Season 1 Ep 6

    Episode 7

    In the season finale, Riley returns to Marchosias’ headquarters with the answer to who started the war and who killed Ridwan.