LA Web Series

LA Web Series

2 Seasons

A Web Series from Alexandra Swarens about two women who begin as strangers. They happen to meet while exploring the city around them, not realizing the bond they're forging together along the way. They reflect on their pasts while contemplating their futures and if they involve each other.

LA Web Series
  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 1

    Episode 1

    Several years after their initial meeting, we see if Landon keeps her word and shows up to meet with Avery again.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 2

    Episode 2

    After several years of no communication between Landon and Avery, they finally reunite and things don't go as smoothly as planned. A lot can happen to a person in seven years.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 3

    Episode 3

    Landon shows Avery around the place she used to intern in Los Angeles before they met. Avery gets a new look into Landon's LA life before she was a part of it.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 4

    Episode 4

    As Landon follows Avery's clues, they revisit some of the places where they first got to know each other.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 5

    Episode 5

    As Landon and Avery spend more time together, their bond forms closer than ever.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 6

    Episode 6

    As Landon and Avery grow closer, Landon gets a closer look into Avery's life and the people within it.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 7

    Episode 7

    As Avery overhears Landon on the phone, it hits her that their time together is coming to an end and that Landon will be returning to her life back home.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 8

    Episode 8

    Landon and Avery find some time to enjoy each others company doing the mundane things in life, which we usually take for granted. As their time together comes to an end, important questions start to arise.

  • LA Web Series S2: Ep 9

    Episode 9

    Landon reveals something that she has been holding back. As their time together is almost over, tensions are high and there are many questions still unanswered.