2 Seasons

#HASHTAG follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed best friends in Chicago. From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, Twitter oversharing to OKCupid dating, Liv and Skylar are about to learn the real-life consequences of over-indulgence in the virtual world.

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  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 1

    Episode #1: Skylar's on the mend after a breakup, Tash and Liv seem cozy, Emily and Ben have some news, and Rose is up to her old tricks.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 2

    Episode 2

    Episode #2: The gals take Emily out to a girl bar to celebrate her new open relationship; tensions rise between Tash and Liv; Skylar ditches her friends for a late night rendezvous.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 3

    Episode 3

    S2E3: Liv finally meets her Instagram crush. Tash, unable to find Liv, helps Emily figure out what her “type” is as she continues to explore the lesbian bar scene.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 4

    Liv dishes to Skylar about meeting her Instagram crush. Tash lays out what she wants from Liv.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 5

    Liv is tempted to meet up with the infamous MarleesMom. Skylar sees Rose again.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 6

    Liv's worlds collide when her friends support her at a party hosted by the ever-present MarleesMom.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 7

    Episode 7

    Liv and Skylar navigate the awkwardness of dating a mom and her daughter...under the same roof.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 8

    Episode 8

    Marcie tries to talk Skylar into sharing “the night of their lives,” while Liv comes face-to-face with Jo's real life - it’s a bit less glamorous than what #MarleesMom would suggest.

  • #Hashtag S2: Ep 9

    In the season finale, Liv comes face-to-face with Tash, Skylar comes face-to-face with Rose, and both get a glimpse at their future.