Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking

Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking

4 Episodes

Rolla Selbak shares her personal Hollywood vlogs as she visits some of the freshest female filmmakers making it happen today. She sneaks us into the Paramount writers room with Faith Soloway, writer on the breakthrough Amazon series Transparent, stumbles into Cathy DeBuono's backyard, gets the juicy details from Guinevere Turner and how she came up with the title "The L Word", and much….much more. Grrl's Guide To Filmmaking, showing you the magic, behind the magic.

Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking
  • Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking- Faith Soloway

    Episode 1

    Find out what Faith Soloway is up to on the set of her original series Transparent, what it's like to work with her sister Jill (Six Feet Under, Afternoon Delight, United States of Tara), and why there's a piano-type thingy in her office.

  • Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking- Guinevere Turner

    In the season finale of Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking, Rolla sits down with lesbian film icon Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, American Psycho, The L Word).

  • Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking- Cathy DeBuono

    Rolla hangs out with Cathy DeBuono in her backyard, where she divulges stories from the set, her first slasher film role in Crazy Bitches, and her philosophy on pain and art. A hammock is also involved.

  • Grrl's Guide to Filmmaking- Heather and Gretchen

    Rolla Selbak goes behind the scenes with her camera phone as an extra on the set of feature film As Good As You. During the lunch break, she chats with the female duo behind the film, director Heather De Michele and writer Gretchen M. Michelfeld.