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Cowgirl Up

Cowgirl Up

2 Seasons

You may come to the Double D Ranch as a tenderfoot, but you'll leave as a full-fledged cowgirl. Kick up some dust and have some fun as two teams prepare for a weekend showdown of lesbian proportions.

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Cowgirl Up
  • Cowgirl Up- Trailer

    Episode 1

    A horse trailer full of South of Nowhere alums, including Mandy Musgrave, Maeve Quinlan, Aasha Davis, Valery Ortiz, and, of course, Matt Cohen. Other newbies include Brandy Howard (tello's Gay Street Therapy and the upcoming Roomies) and Hannah Madison Taylor. Season 1 vets include Marnie Alton, ...

  • Cowgirl Up: Cricket Comes Home

    Episode 2

    Cricket comes home after 18 months in the slammer, determined to win her wife Lu back. But it ain't easy. First step: shine up the tarnished reputation of the Double D Ranch by bringing in customers...and celebrities.

  • Cowgirl Up: Savannah and Dee Play Cupid

    Episode 3

    The Double D Ranch's All-Star Rodeo Roundup starts with some of last year's contestants, a few promising newcomers, and some old 'friends' of Cricket's. Meanwhile, Savannah and Dee play cupid.

  • Cowgirl Up: Girls, Guns and Games

    Episode 4

    Dee wonders if she'll ever find love after Abby; the convicts set their sights on Cricket's loved ones; and the teams face off in trivia and dancing challenges in their quest for the grand prize.

  • Cowgirl Up: Shootin' Contest

    Episode 5

    Love and intrigue abound as the gals line up for the most dangerous DD Ranch challenge yet: a good old fashioned shootin' contest. Whose aim is better: Babe's or Cupid's?

  • Cowgirl Up: The Pony Express

    Episode 6

    The Pony Express: Broken and hopefully hearts mingle on the trail as the ladies embark on their final contest of the competition: the pony express. Plus, a camp out leaves more questions open then answered.

  • Cowgirls! Cowgirl Up

    Episode 7

    When the convicts show their true colors, wholl save the cowgirls? Babe with her fangs; Robbie with her movie fighting training; or Abby with her roping skills? Plus - who breaks up, who makes up, who says goodbye, and which couples ride into the sunset together? Only one way to find out...