Amor é Amor

Amor é Amor

4 Episodes

The romantic journey of Sara and Clara with hurdles like religion, life, and Clara's ex-girlfriend - Lara.

Amor é Amor
  • Amor é Amor 1 (English Subtitles)

    Episode 1

    Sara is a religious girl who is unexpectedly run over by Clara, a mysterious girl. Sara finds herself surrounded by unknown desires, fantasizing about a romance prohibited by her religion with Clara. Now Sara needs to find within herself a way to free herself from her precepts to find happiness.

  • Amor é Amor 2 (English Subtitles)

    Sara is a very shy girl who is madly in love with Clara, a mature and self-assured woman. But Clara dates a rascal full of charm. Now Sara will have to overcome her shyness and do everything she can to defeat her rival. Will Sara be able to win the love of her life?

  • Amor é Amor 3 (English Subtitles)

    Sara and Clara decide to live together, everything seems perfect until Lara, Clara's ex-girlfriend, decides to make an inconvenient visit, in an invasive and less than cordial way. Lara confronts her rival, but Sara's withdrawn feelings unexpectedly decide to manifest themselves.

  • Amor é Amor 4 (English Subtitles)

    Sara and Clara live together and are madly in love. However, Lara, Clara's ex-girlfriend, appears asking for help and is welcomed into the house of her former lover. The coexistence between the three is not easy and
    begins to become a problem in Sara and Clara's relationship. Will the two be able...