Shorts on tello

Shorts on tello

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From interviews to short films, tello offers the finest lesbian shorts!

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Shorts on tello
  • Jeanne Cordova: Butches, Lies & Feminism

    Winner of several film festival awards including the GRAND JURY PRIZE at OUTFEST 2017 for BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT, this film creatively employs the few surviving archival interviews to illuminate a forthright, outspoken, dynamic and sexy, feminist, old school butch who was unstoppable in her quest...

  • LIVE: Kia Barnes Comedy Special

    Kia Barnes brings the laughs during ClexaCon 2018 at her hilarious Comedy Show!

  • LIVE from CLEXACON: Kia Barnes Comedy trailer

    Kia Barnes killed it at the ClexaCon Comedy Special and you can see her hilarious set on tello!

  • You OR You? With Julie & Brandy

    We caught up with Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard (Roomies, Gay Street Therapy) at the premiere of #Hashtag Season 1 to play a little game of "You OR You?"

    Who do you think won?

  • You OR You? with Tracy & Stamie

    We caught up with Real L Word couple Tracy Ryerson (Kiss Her I'm Famous) and Stamie Karakasidis at the LA premiere of #Hashtag Season 1 to play a little game of "You OR You?"
    Who do you think won?

  • Lori And Kathy Get Married

    A warm, funny, joyous look at gay marriage in San Francisco. Going inside San Francisco City Hall during the historic days of February, 2004, the video follows a lesbian couple through the marriage process and on their wedding reception with friends and family in Napa, California.

  • Brunch Date with Mindy Sterling!

    Stan and Kristen enjoy brunch and laughs with two-time Emmy nominee Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers, Secs & EXECS, The Goldbergs), as well as local actress and hometown shero, Kalinda Gray. Mindy is a fan favorite on Tello because of her Emmy Nominated performance in the Tello series "Secs & EXECS...

  • NOSOTRXS (English Subtitles)

    A blank set. A woman holds a sign with a question while a hooded character resists to answer it. This question turns into other questions. A family stages for a family portrait surrounding the father figure. Venus stares at her reflection in the looking glass, asks for herself. An omnipresent voi...

  • No One Misses Me!

    Since Evelin’s amputation of both legs, friends abandoned her. She is stuck in her apartment for years now, moving only between the kitchen, computer, TV and bed. Discovered old videotapes show her previous life as a man 25 years ago: the GDR no longer exists, but not everyone manages to gain a f...

  • Devenir Elle (English Subtitles)

    Andréa decided to become a woman at 50 years. She will finally assume her veritable dimension: to be a woman. Instinctively, she takes charge of the teenager who is still inside her. The echo between her and him is building a balance, a harmony in the same body.

    Transgender / Trans / LGBTQ+ / Qu...

  • The Ones We Choose (English Subtitles)

    Elora Bertrand: "a documentary about my chosen family. The ones I decided to walk through life alongside with. First taking the form of a family video ; this documentary takes us from the intimate to the collective, from the intimate to the political."

    Lesbian / LGBTQ+ / Queer Short Film

  • Asylum Park

    A chance meeting in a park in Berlin proves to be fortuitous for two strangers, faced with uncertainty of their immigrant status and scraping circumstances.

    Lesbian / LGBTQ+ / Queer Short Film

  • 1 Month & 2 Days (English Subtitles)

    "I felt in love again. I dive into those feelings. I capture moments of my daily life for 1 month and 2 days."

    A woman recalls the beginning of her relationship through social media and documentary footage.

    Lesbian / LGBTQ+ / Queer Short Film

  • Acesso (English Subtitles)

    5 places in the memories of 5 LGBT people from São Paulo, Brazil are revisited through Google Street View during the pandemic.

    Lesbian / LGBTQ+ / Queer Short Film

  • A Story of Wedding (English Subtitles)

    To satisfy their families, Huanlin, a gay man, and Ziqiao, a lesbian, have agreed to have a marriage of convenience, which will be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, they have also agreed to have a baby and raise it together. However, this decision is changing their lives befo...