Girl King

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With a fistful of fetish in every frame, Girl King is a sexy, swashbuckling, gender-bending adventure on the high seas.  When a naïve baby Butch is taken prisoner by the infamous pirate Captain Candy, a hunt begins to find the Queen’s stolen “treasure.”  In a world where “men were men, and girls were girls,” the loss of the Queen’s treasure has turned things upside down.  Now, tops are bottomed, pirate captains are seduced by tranny sailors and cross-dressing femmes pack a wallop.  With the help of the mysterious Easy, can Butch and Captain Candy find the Queen’s lost treasure and restore the line between butch and femme, or will the treasure, and the “natural” order, be lost forever?

Decidedly tongue-in-cheek, this clever tale uses a stylish pastiche of ‘pirated’ images and themes to lead us into the uncharted oceans of dyke desire and queer identity.  


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