CGU2: Bridget McManus Interview

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Strap yer chaps on, friends, because you've just found our Cowgirl Up Season 2 interviews! You can watch the whole first season right here on tello/OML. Cowgirl Up is a comedy western web series by the writer/producer of South of Nowhere and Nikki & Nora. In this interview, tello's Julie Keck interviews CGU veteran Bridget McManus, who is returning in Season 2 as the tough but loveable Babe. Unbeknownst to her, this time Babe is sharing a bunkhouse with a couple of ex-cons (played by Maeve Quinlan of South of Nowhere & 3Way and Brandy Howard of tello's Gay Street Therapy & Roomies), and she's going to have to do some fancy wrangling to figure out what's up.

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