Pitch to Production 2017 After the Flood

After the Flood is a comedic drama that takes place 100 years in the future in what was the midwest of the former United States. At the center of the story is a woman named Darby and her fateful run in with another woman named Logan. Darby is a scavenger for her township and is sent on a run to recover some medical supplies in the abandoned towns nearby. In the future, technology is practically a myth and all of the energy is generated by solar panels and wind turbines in the few small towns that have managed to band together and stay afloat in a lawless land. After being sent on this run by her older brother, Oli, Darby ends up in a deadly fight with some Red Raiders. The raiders are a very large band of pillagers that roam the barren lands taking whatever they want, when they want. A few of the small towns have deals struck up with the Red Raiders--we won’t bother you if you don’t bother us. This pact is null and void after Darby meets Logan and the pair kill three Raiders. The girls must then scramble to cover up their mess and form a believable cover story as to why they were together that night.