#WWSD (What Would Siri Do?) #Hashtag Season Two: LadyDates in the Digital Age

Written by: Jennifer Boeder

Season One of “#Hashtag” gave viewers a fresh, funny sendup of twenty-something gay girl life in the digital age, where every text, photo, and post drives events in the love lives of the two main characters, Liv and Skylar. The two friends (played by real-life...

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“Nikki & Nora” is everything you want “Rizzoli & Isles” to be (and more!)

By Heather Hogan on
December 24, 2013

It’s poetic that TelloFilms’ new web series, Nikki & Nora, is set New Orleans. There’s no better place on earth to resurrect an urban legend. The story goes that in 2004, back when Bette Porter was barely a twinkle in Jennifer Beals‘ eye,...

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When Nikki Met Nora

Want to watch a series with two hot female leads who solve crimes and make out? No, really, do you want to watch them make out? And not just in your head? Subtext is all fun and good, but we always need the real deal. So imagine my pleasure when I heard that the folks behind the unaired pilot of...

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#Hashtag: A Queer Web Series for the Mainstream

Have you ever walked down the street, thinking the person beside you is listening, until you look over to find them zeroed in on their mobile device in an all-consuming two-hand-touch-and-scroll? If you answered yes, know someone like that, or if that’s you, we found your new web series of...

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Introducing tello, The “Lesbian HBO”

By Aymar Jean Christian
On October 18, 2012

Users don’t pay for content, the saying goes. American media is free, supported by ads. It’s why HBO is such a juggernaut: it’s the first channel Americans consider paying for.

Online, we’ve seen a few case studies of users paying...

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Nicole Pacent and Shannan Leigh Reeve will make you swoon in “I Hate Tommy Finch”

By Heather Hogan on
January 26, 2012

There have only been four times in my whole life when I have, in one sitting, devoured something I was given to review. Four times when I’ve walked away in a euphoric haze wishing for a time machine so I could deliver the books or...

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