New Tello series "Plus One" brings on the laughs and lesbian drama

By Dana Piccoli on
July 7, 2015

Brand new web series Plus One is sexy, smart and funny. Kind of like your dream girl, who happens to be dating your best friend and roommate. That’s the drama at the center of Plus One, written by out comedian (and AE contributor!) Mo Welch and...

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5 Networks of the Year 2014 (tello was listed as one of the 5!)

Vimeo confidently straddles the line between indie and corporate interests in web TV. Anyone can upload to the site, but it's managed by smart curators working out of a Frank Genry building on the Manhattan's west side. Vimeo deserves recognition not just for providing...

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"I Kissed a Girl" is a charming doc series about first kisses

By Daniela Costa on
June 11, 2015

Most of us have (or will have) a first kiss story. I mean with a woman, though perhaps it’s one and the same for you. Maybe you were 12, or maybe you were 20. Maybe you’ve recalled it everyday since, or maybe you were too drunk at the time to...

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tello Films incubates web series

Midway through its second season, Comedy Central's "Broad City" has made its mark not only for being funny and audacious, but also because the show's central dynamic is one that rarely anchors a sitcom anymore — that of a deep and abiding friendship between two women who are equal parts charming...

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#Hashtag is our new favourite lesbian web series

Hey, who needs lesbians in Halifax when we've got quality web series like #Hashtag?

Produced by tellofilms, who boast 14 series by, for and about lesbians including the brilliant Nikki and Nora, #Hashtag is a smart and stylish web series with a killer soundtrack to boot, and the second...

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"#Hashtag": A Series about Dating on the Internet While Lesbian

After a couple decided to name their child Hashtag in the 2012, I thought the term was doomed to topping the trendiest baby names list for all eternity. Not the case. Reclaiming it and making it their own, comedian/producer pals Caitlin Bergh and Laura Zak wrote and starred in #Hashtag, a new...

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SHE'S HOT: Christin Baker, Tello Films |

She’s Hot is all about the ladies. Each month I will interview “out” women and shed light on their hotness. “She’s hot” can be a description for any strong, out, independent, progressive, artistic, or inspirational woman. Someone like Christin Baker.

She is a filmmaker, producer, and co-...

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"Rent Controlled" is the Liz Lemon-est web series you’ve ever seen

By Heather Hogan on
September 25, 2014

I spend a lot of time imagining what a lesbian version of Liz Lemon would be like (because I spend a lot of time feeling like Liz Lemon). But now I can high five a million angels and stop my wondering because Tello Films has recently debuted a...

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Why Rent Controlled Is The Funniest Web Series You’ll Watch in 2014

As queer adult women there are experiences that many of us share: we all have that ex we can’t get over, that crush we know we shouldn’t have and there’s that one straight girl we know to avoid for the fear of falling a little bit in love with her. Yet these experiences aren’t reflected in the...

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#Hashtag Season 2 Is Here!

Following the popular first season of the technology-lesbian-dating-themed Chicago based web series, tellofilms presents season two of #Hashtag,

Covering all angles of modern dating, socialising and friendship forming: inappropriate selfies, OK Cupid intrigue, viral vines “#Hashtag”...

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