Skirtchasers Makes Its Way to the Web

Lately, it seems the LGBTQ community needs a new series to dish about. With a break from all of our usual digital series, “Skirtchasers” presented by Tello Films is a new web series that brings something sexy, witty, and comical to a mobile device or desktop screen near you.

With a star...

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tello Films Premieres "Skirtchasers" Starring Meredith Baxter, Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show) & Elizabeth Keener (L Word)

tello Films just released the highly anticipated comedy “Skirtchasers” starring Elizabeth Keener ("The L Word", "My Generation") as Robyn Samuels and Barry Bostwick ("Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Spin City") as her estranged father, Damien Samuels and Meredith Baxter ("Family Ties", "Young and...

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A lesbian and her dad find commonground in "Skirtchasers"

By Dana Piccoli
on May 24, 2016

The new Tello web series Skirtchasers premiered this week, and it has plenty of laughs, queer ladies and drama. Elizabeth Keener (who played the infamous Dawn Denbo on The L Word) stars as Robyn, a recently dumped bride-to-be who finds herself...

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KPFK interview with Stan Zimmerman, Elizabeth Keener and Amanda Bearse

IMRU RADIO 05/23/16: On the floor of RuPaul's Drag-Con with Coco Peru, David Yost, Craig Ramsey, Leisha Hailey, Drew Droege, Big Dipper, Mary Wilson and Andrew Christian. + In studio we chat about "Skirtchasers" with writer Stan Zimmerman, director Amanda Bearse and star Elizabeth Keener + a...

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"Orange is the New Black" star Lea DeLaria to sing theme song for new digital series "Skirtchasers"

Los Angeles, CA. – Actress/comic/singer, Lea DeLaria, who plays “Big Boo” on the award winning Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black”, will cover a classic tune as the theme song to the new tello Films comedy “Skirtchasers”.  The show begins streaming May 22.  The five part...

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Skirtchasers coming to Premium Section May 22

TV Comedy Trailblazers Come Together to Create “Skirtchasers” a New Digital Series

Los Angeles, CA. – tello Films announces their latest show, “Skirtchasers,” has recently completed filming in Los Angeles.  The five part web series was written by James Berg &...

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Maybelle receives "Best Drama" audience award

We are so excited to announce that Maybelle won the Audience Award at the OutWebFest Film Festival!  It is such an honor to receive the audience award.  This is such an amazing project and we are so glad people are enjoying this project!

Great things coming to tello in 2016

Get ready for tello 2016!

After many years of admiring the work of Tucky Williams in Girl/Girl Scene, tello is lucky to partner with her on the lesbian Fantasy series Dagger Kiss.  The series is similar to "Xena" and "The Seeker" with strong, ass kicking, leather wearing women and will be...

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Maybelle rocks our world

All 6 episodes of Maybelle are now released and bingeable.  If you haven't seen this wonderful romantic drama I urge you to head over to the series page and check out this wonderful story.  This series is a collaboration with the talented Bridget McManus; however, this role is a big departure...

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Bridget McManus and Maybelle

Maybelle is a romantic 6-part webseries starring Bridget McManus and New Orleans actress/comedian Frances Nichols, which will debut on on Sunday, December 13th, 2015.

After the death of her mother, 35-year old Maybelle Garris (Bridget McManus) must learn to live for herself...

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