Pitch to Production Winners!

(August 10, 2017) We are thrilled to announce our 2017 Pitch to Production Winner Hillary Esquina and runner-up, J. Suzanne Harmon.

Hillary Esquina 


Agent Ali Ross-Gray works for an off the books agency that helps paranormal beings navigate their post-lives, whether helping them pass on by solving their death or everyday annoyances like not being seen by humans. She is a top ranked ‘Janus’ agent because of her ability to interact with spirits after a near-death experience on her second tour in Iraq. As she gets ready for another high priority mission, we get a sense of her abilities and how that is affecting her work and life balance.


J. Suzanne Harmon

Our Loving 

This series is about the romantic love of two Black women in small town Mississippi against the backdrop of homophobia. One is an open homosexual whose sexuality is dismissed and the other is a closeted homosexual who sexuality is assumed. They must each fight their personal demons if their love is to be.