Maybelle rocks our world

All 6 episodes of Maybelle are now released and bingeable.  If you haven't seen this wonderful romantic drama I urge you to head over to the series page and check out this wonderful story.  This series is a collaboration with the talented Bridget McManus; however, this role is a big departure from from her usual comedy roles.

Bridget wrote and stars in Maybelle which is a story about young love and the opportunity to find it again.  tello is so honored to be able to work creatively on a project that is close to our heart.  tello is now based in Nashville Tennessee and Maybelle is set in Virginia and we were able to shoot this in the lovely rolling hills of the south.

When you watch Maybelle know that the lovely back drop and home are all based 30 minutes outside of Nashville Tennessee and the crew all based there as well.  Please enjoy this lovely series that CEO Christin Baker directed and produced.