Great things coming to tello in 2016

Get ready for tello 2016!

After many years of admiring the work of Tucky Williams in Girl/Girl Scene, tello is lucky to partner with her on the lesbian Fantasy series Dagger Kiss.  The series is similar to "Xena" and "The Seeker" with strong, ass kicking, leather wearing women and will be the first Fantasy series with lesbian leads.  We know this will also be a fan favorite for our tello subscribers.

Releasing in April is the comedy stand-up show of Dana Goldberg.  This stand-up was recorded in Chicago during the 2015 BackLotBash comedy night.

Get ready for the hilarious series Skirtchasers starring Elizabeth Keener and Barry Bostwick with guest star Meredith Baxter coming in May.

That takes our content through the first quarter of 2016.  Keep checking our news feed for more information of things to come!