Bridget McManus and Maybelle

Maybelle is a romantic 6-part webseries starring Bridget McManus and New Orleans actress/comedian Frances Nichols, which will debut on on Sunday, December 13th, 2015.

After the death of her mother, 35-year old Maybelle Garris (Bridget McManus) must learn to live for herself, as a gay woman in the south, who’s still in love with her best friend from high school, Della Cain-Cumbee (Frances Nichols).
Maybelle quit school to take care of her ailing mother Ida and focused all of her attention at home, detaching from her first and only love Della. After holding on for 20 years Ida finally passed away leaving Maybelle to reflect on her stunted life. Della is long married to her college beau JW Cumbee but has always held a flame for Maybelle.
In this original webseries set in rural Virginia, Maybelle will discover herself for the first time and fight for the woman she loves.

Bridget McManus is a television host, screenwriter and award-winning comedian. She hosted two television shows for the Logo Network; Bridget McManus Presents: That Time of The Month and the award-winning comedy talk show, Brunch with Bridget. She has also hosted the self-help series The Jam, The Stonewall Inn’s 40th Anniversary Benefit in New York City, and was a correspondent for the 8th International Gay Games in Cologne, Germany.
McManus is one of the few female warm-up comedians in television. She was the warm-up comedian and the host’s sidekick on CBS’s The Queen Latifah Show: Season 1 & 2. In addition to The Queen Latifah Show, McManus has also been the warm-up comic for NBC’s Last Comic Standing: Season 8 & 9, CBS’s The Jeff Probst Show, Fox’s The Boris & Nicole Show, ABC’s Family Fortune, HLN’s Heads Up!, ABC’s The FABLife and CBS’s Friends With Benefits. [QueenLatifah (1)]

This will mark Bridget’s 4th scripted project for tello. She was previously seen in Cowgirl Up Seasons 1 and 2, the tello drama The Throwaways, and McManusLand Season 1 and 2, which she also wrote and produced.
Tello films has been continuously producing and distributing innovative, high-quality web series with a lesbian focus thanks to Mell’s fearless entrepreneurial spirit and keen business acumen in executing her vision.

It’s no surprise Indiewire named tello one of the best indie networks:

Tello Films has been successfully remaining in the vanguard of developing new strategies for alternative distribution and has now become a marquee destination for not just lesbian-themed content but as well women in films. Christin Baker (film producer and CEO of tello Films) is certainly moving the needle and paving the way for so many others with her ongoing commitment to amplifying and celebrating women’s voices and stories.

First Lady Truth: Who is Bridget McManus and what does she stand for?

Bridget: Bridget McManus is a land mammal that loves coffee and believes all creatures on this planet are created equal. And I’m also a happily married lesbian comedian, actress and writer aiming to create more complex roles for female actors. I believe people should be compassionate and that there is enough to go around. Sharing is caring.

First Lady Truth: What persuaded you to go the web series route? Do you think that web series will be taking over and if so what kind of impact will it have on the industry?

Bridget: I love the immediacy and lack of censorship permitted by web content. There’s a freedom and democracy to the creation of a web series that I really appreciate. Web series look and sound great these days, too. You don’t have to compromise on quality of production to enjoy a show that reflects you or your community. Hopefully the wealth of diverse stories found in web series, combined with the fact that they can draw big audiences just like film and television, will send a signal that telling the stories usually omitted from mainstream media doesn’t have to be a financial risk. Instead, it just makes good sense!

First Lady Truth: Talk to me about Maybelle, can we have a brief synopsis?

Bridget: Maybelle is the story of a southern woman who has spent most of her life caring for her sick mother. When her mother dies, she has the chance to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. As fate would have it, her first love has just moved back to their hometown and they are face-to-face again for the first time since high school. After all, the tagline for the series is, “A second chance with your first love.”

First Lady Truth: Is there any part of the series that reflects real life? Who or what inspired the creation of the characters?

Bridget: The only autobiographical aspect of the series is my love of the south. My wife is from Virginia so I have come to appreciate the breathtaking landscape and rural life.

First Lady Truth: Love story? What does love mean to you? Do you think that the true essence of love still exist today?

Bridget: Love is everything. It is the beginning, middle and end. It’s the meaning of life. To quote Robert Browning, “Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.”

First Lady Truth: What message do you what your viewers to get from the series?
Bridget: Expect to see portrayals of complex LGBTQ characters who are happy, in love, successful and accepted. We deserve nothing less!

First Lady Truth: Do you believe that love conquers all?

Bridget: Absolutely.

First Lady Truth: Where can our readers find you?

Bridget: I perform stand-up comedy all over the country, check my website,, for information on upcoming shows.

I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but if you follow me on social media you will actually just be keeping up with my new kitten, Yoko. I’m basically just posting photos of her nonstop.
My new comedy special, Bridget McManus: Live at the Mayne Stage, filmed at Pride in Chicago this past summer, will be released on in 2016.

First Lady Truth: What message do you have for your fans?

Bridget: I have fans?! Umm…hi!