Perspectives: Tello on the Red Carpet

By Karen Frost

As proud sponsors of ClexaCon in 2018, tello Films was excited to be on the red carpet before the Cocktails for Change party, with the chance to ask some of our favorites about what ClexaCon means to them and how they see the future of LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood....

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Welcome to ‘Perspectives’!

This month, tello is adding a new section to the website intended to bring some of the conversations that we’ve been having amongst ourselves and with friends to you. Queer female representation has been changing the last few years, and the dialogue around it has been changing as well. The...

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Dear Netflix - Please Stop Copying tello ;-)

This is Christin Baker, CEO and President of, and I'm kinda kidding with this news item.

I recently read an article in Bloomberg Business about Netflix and how they are going to start producing their own content in house -...

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Welcome to our new site!

We have been working to bring you a new and improved site.  This is better optimized for viewing on a smart phone and tablet and still gives ease of navigating on a computer or TV.  

You will be able to see the wonderful episodes that are available in our premium section and see all the...

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