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The Big Night


Up Next in Taffy's Next Chapter

  • The Return of Taffy The Bitch is Back

    In the season finale, Taffy returns from Germany (with her entourage in tow) while Bridget struggles with the news that Jackie and her Bridget-esque show is a big hit. What's a wannabe actress to do? Why, trap a group of friends for an impromptu 2-hour performance, of course! Get ready for Bridge...

  • McManusland: Trailer

    Teaser for Season #2 of McManusland:
    Has Bridget found fame? Has Karman found her sanity? Will their little family survive the stress of making it big? This little sneak peek into Season 2 won't answer any of those questions, but it WILL tell you what's been going on with Bridget & Karman's litt...

  • McManusland Outtakes

    Featuring: Bridget McManus and her potty mouth; Karman's constant abuse from Bridget and the series in general; diva animals; cast members of indeterminate gender, whom we love.