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McManusLand: The Show Must Go On Event If I Don't


Up Next in McManusland S2: Taffy's Next Chapter

  • McManusLand: The Big Night

    It's the big night for the debut of both Bridget McManus the Musical: Non-Musical and Karman's band, Pegleg. With so many entertainers in one family, what could possibly go wrong?

  • McManusLand: The Return of Taffy The ...

    In the season finale, Taffy returns from Germany (with her entourage in tow) while Bridget struggles with the news that Jackie and her Bridget-esque show is a big hit. What's a wannabe actress to do? Why, trap a group of friends for an impromptu 2-hour performance, of course! Get ready for Bridge...

  • McManusland Outtakes

    Featuring: Bridget McManus and her potty mouth; Karman's constant abuse from Bridget and the series in general; diva animals; cast members of indeterminate gender, whom we love.