Tello Films becomes first lesbian network to receive Emmy nomination

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tello Films has received its first Emmy nomination for their original web series “secs & EXECS.” Actress, Mindy Sterling received the nomination for her role in the series. This makes Tello Films the first lesbian network to receive such an honor. Sterling, best known for...

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We are so excited that has a project that is Emmy Nominated!  Mindy Sterling plays Shirla in Secs & EXECS and received a nomination for Outstanding Actresses in a Short Form Comedy/Drama Series.  The series was written by James Berg & Stan Zimmerman, Produced by Christin...

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We have our 2017 Pitch to Production finalists! 

The finalists need your votes! As a tello subscriber, you will get a first glimpse at the pitch videos before they are available to the public. Let us know which ones you like best by watching and sharing the YouTube videos, as well as on our Facebook page. The winner will be chosen on August...

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Review of The List by Planet Nation

The List has a great premise. The List referred to is the one we all have of exceptional people we’re allowed to have a one-time sexual encounter with even though we are in a steady relationship.

Chloe (Lindsay Hicks), the main character is in a fairly rubbish hetero relationship with an...

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Secs & EXECS - tello's newest comedy

Once again tello partners with James Berg & Stan Zimmerman to bring a hilarious comedy to tellofilms again.  After the success of Skirtchasers tello wanted to collaborate with this team.  We found it in the project Secs & EXECS.  This was directed by the co-creator Zimmerman.


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Every corporate hierarchy consists of the boss, his/her assistants (or lackeys, depending on your point of view), and the employees. Of course, they all have different perspectives on the ups and downs of the 9-to-5 life, and as the new six episode workplace comedy series SECS & EXECS...

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Original series "Maybelle" receives three nominations at the 24th annual London Raindance Film Festival

tellofilms is proud to announce that the original series "Maybelle" will be screening at the 24th annual Raindance Film Festival in London. Congratulations to the cast and crew for receiving three nominations: BEST DIRECTOR (Christin Baker), BEST LEAD ACTOR (Bridget McManus) and BEST ENSEMBLE...

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secs & EXECS - tello's new series, completes filming

The next tello series (written by "Skirtchasers" creators Zimmerman & Berg) finished filming in August.  Stan Zimmerman, who directed episode 4 of "Skirtchaesrs" helmed this most recent work place comedy.

“secs & EXECS” is populated with many amazing actors.  Sandra Bernard plays...

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Exclusive: Barry Bostwick Talks Skirtchasers, Rocky Horror and more!

Brad, oh Brad! In the last few years the 70s cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show has made a big comeback. First there was an episode of Cold Case dedicated to it, then Glee did an entire episode centered around it and this fall Fox television is doing a live production of it – similar to...

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Skirtchasers Makes Its Way to the Web

Lately, it seems the LGBTQ community needs a new series to dish about. With a break from all of our usual digital series, “Skirtchasers” presented by Tello Films is a new web series that brings something sexy, witty, and comical to a mobile device or desktop screen near you.

With a star...

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